Shivaji Kute

CEO and MD

Shivaji is an accomplished professional with domestic and international client handling experience for more than 15 years. He started his career immediately after his Masters degree in computer science in software development and now he is an enthusiastic and energetic entrepreneur who inspires all his followers and students who connect with him through various platforms. He is result oriented, decisive leader with proven success in nurturing the young students. His track record clearly indicates his success in ensuring a wonderful career path to hundreds of fresh graduates from engineering background. He has a unique blend of business skills, technology knowledge, and delivery management expertise.

Shailesh Amdekar

Co-Founder (Business Strategy)

In a career span of 27 years Shailesh has held several key positions of authority in his stint with his earlier companies.  His good analytical ability, business accuman and negotiation skills help him to position himself as a strategic contributor to the organizational growth through operational excellence.  He can build lasting business relationships because of his strong customer focus and his experience in recognizing what the customer needs.  Shailesh’s team members and colleagues are always appreciative of his professional commitment and energy levels. Shailesh holds a Masters in Personnel Management and is a University Rank Holder in Masters in Management Science.  His base degree is Master of Commerce.